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The products on the Mens Leather Belts site are manufactured by Men's Leather Belts in Berri SA,which is a 100% Australian owned business, operated by Carl & Rachel(CD & RL Heppner).

Men's Leather Belts has been making quality leather products for over 14 years and the products produced are of the highest quality.

Mens Leather Belts - The best in town!

Mens Leather Belt has been producing genuine handmade quality products for over 14 years. The company products are manufactured by Mens Leather Belts in Berri SA and is a 100% Australian business, operated by Carl & Rachel (CD & RL Heppner).

What does Mens Leather Belts have to offer?

If you are looking for a long-lasting leather belt for yourself or your loved on, do not look any further since Mens Leather Belt Australia has the most durable and sturdy leather belts to cater to your needs for many years to come. The belt is made up of full hide veg tanned leather, which in turn is made into a beautiful product to give long lasting comfort and style.

'Mens Leather Belt' products are available not only nationwide but even internationally!

We specialise in making custom fit belts, therefore, it's very important to choose the right size before placing an order on the website, as the company does not have any refund or exchange policy.

To make sure that the right size is ordered what you need to do is take a measuring tape, weave it through the loops of the pant while wearing it and note down the number. This is the size of the leather belt that you need to order to avoid any unfortunate experience. We offer affordable prices for top notch genuine leather products!!

What to do if you need to order multiple times?

In case you decide to order the same item in a different color or a different size, you will need to add the item into a separate shopping cart so that you do not have to suffer any inconvenience at the end.

Providing the retail customers with the best!

Mens Leather Belt Australia strives to bring the best quality genuine products to our commercial customers as well as our retail customers. We have many clients all over Australia, satisfied with the products we have to offer.

If you are in search of high quality, Australian made leather belts and pouches then you can contact us at 08 8583 7337 and our department will mail a wholesale catalogue to you to get things started.

Take care of your leather

The only way you can extend the life of your leather belt is caring for it in the proper way. Store the belt by hanging it from the buckle on a tie or belt rack. Folding the belt and keeping it in the drawer will cause it to wrinkle.

However, if you really need to keep it in the drawer, curl it up starting from the buckle end and place it in a bag preferable cloth to hold the shape of the belt.

The best place to store a leather belt is in a dark ventilated area. For your leather belt sunlight needs to be avoided as it fades, dries out or cracks it easily. Never place your belts in dry areas as it might allow mould to grow on it.

Shape your Knife Pouches

Our knife pouches are made to fit 38mm wide, so even 32mm wide belts can fit in it. The horizontal pouches can be moulded to the shape of the knife. All you need to do is wrap the knife with a plastic wrap so that the knife doesn’t get wet. Immerse the pouch in cold water for two minutes. Insert the knife in the pouch and make sure that the knife sits in perfectly. Once the leather dries off, remove the knife from the pouch. Now your pouch is moulded to the shape of the knife.

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